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Integrated Risk Management Plan

The Service has reviewed its Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) for the next four years.

Our IRMP contains information on what the Service is going to do over a four year period to improve public safety, reduce the number of fire incidents and save lives in Cambridgeshire. This document is an update which takes account of changes to our operating environment including funding.

The purpose of the IRMP is to consider and evaluate all risks to communities, risk to life, the economy, heritage and the environment and to challenge the current and future use of our resources to meet the requirements of that risk. We must be able to demonstrate that resources used in prevention, protection and response meet those challenges will continue to deliver better and cost-effective outcomes.

Looking ahead, the document recognises the benefits the fire service can bring to wider community safety. We are also exploring ways to use our staff flexibly to deliver operational response and community safety.

The proposed actions in this document form an important part of how we plan to address this situation, and we intend to do everything within our power to ensure that the impact of the Spending Review on the service experienced by our community is minimised.

Please provide any feedback on the IRMP (draft report below) to

The consultation is open until Wednesday December 31.