Our vision

Our Vision

Our vision is for:

A safe community where there are no preventable deaths or injuries in fires or other emergencies

To achieve this we need to strive for operational and community safety excellence, demonstrating value for money, and by putting people at the centre of everything we do - that's people in the community in terms of their safety and diverse needs, and our own staff in terms of training, development and health and safety.

Vision diagram

What does each part mean?

Operational Excellence

  • We have 100 per cent retained availability, and crews are mobile within five minutes of alert
  • We continuously strive to improve our response times
  • We have the best and most appropriate fleet and equipment for the risks in our communities
  • Operational staff are fully competent and highly trained and this is properly documented
  • We have clear, up to date and accessible policies and procedures which are implemented consistently and regularly reviewed
  • Health and safety is embedded into the culture, accidents and sickness are at all time lows
  • We monitor and debrief incidents and share learning across the Service
  • We are able to provide appropriate cover at all times and in any situation.

Community Safety Excellence

  • We fully understand the risk in our county and resources are targeted in areas that will make a difference
  • Activities are evaluated and we measure outcomes.
  • We are inclusive in our approach and tailor our services to meet the needs of our diverse communities
  • We deliver a high standard of fire safety technical advice and take robust enforcement action when the lives of the public are at risk
  • Our work with partner agencies is appropriate, proactive and effective and we are perceived as a key contributor to community safety
  • We work jointly with partners who are targeting the same risk groups to gain greater outcomes
  • All stakeholders, including the public, are aware of our community safety activities and the services we offer
  • We are in the top quartile for all key performance indicators when compared to other FRSs
  • We have a high level of customer satisfaction in all activities and operations and we regularly exceed customers' expectations
  • We are collecting the right data from incidents so we know who is having fires and what type of fires.


  • We put the people in the community at the heart of our service delivery
  • We consult with people in our community to ensure we understand them and their needs
  • We engage with different community groups as effectively as we can by having a better understanding of them and their needs
  • We adapt communication and services to meet individual needs
  • We regularly exceed customer expectation
  • We have a simple complaints procedure and ensure all complaints are investigated fairly
  • We continually strive to improve the service we deliver to people in the community
  • We continuously develop our staff and encourage them to reach their potential
  • Managers demonstrate all qualities in the CFRS leadership charter
  • Our policies and procedures ensure firefighter safety at all times
  • All staff are aware of our vision, values and priorities, and work proactively to contribute to them.
  • Performance management is embedded into the culture of the organisation to fully appraise and develop all staff
  • Every member of staff is working to individual SMART objectives linked to the Service's vision.

Value for Money

  • People are in the right place doing the right job for the skills and knowledge they have
  • We recruit people with the right skills and potential
  • We actively seek collaborations both internally and externally
  • We offer the taxpayer excellent value for money
  • We have effective and efficient work routines that allow achievement of all activities a firefighter is expected to carry out
  • Our support function processes are as effective and efficient as they can be
  • We organise ourselves to achieve as much as we can in the time available
  • We continuously monitor how we are performing, sharing best practice
  • We utilise procurement framework contracts where appropriate
  • We actively seek genuine efficiencies.