Our budget

Funding and spending explained


Local Government as a whole is faced with an unprecedented set of financial challenges and the Fire Authority is no exception.

The Government grant to the Authority was reduced by 22.7 per cent over the last three financial years. The reduction for the forthcoming year is 6.8 per cent.  

The budget has been prepared for the medium term (the next five years) after making a number of assumptions, which are:

  • A freeze in council tax for 2014/15 following a pay award of 1 per cent,then a 2 per cent increase in 2015/16 onwards;
  • Non pay inflation will track government inflation projections, with the exception of fuel. 

In summary, the Authority will receive a total formula grant, including council tax benefit grant, of £12.4 million.  This is a reduction of £900,000 from the grant received in 2013/14, equivalent to 6.8 per cent.  The indicative grant figure for 2015/16 is £11.4 million. This is a further reduction of £1 million or 8.4 per cent.


The Fire Authority has approved a budget of £29.1 million for 2014/15. This is equivalent to a Band D council tax contribution of £64.26,which equates to £1.24 a week - a freeze inline with last year's rate. 

More detail on the Fire Authority's budget can be found in the council tax leaflets



Every year in January the Authority consults with its taxpayers on proposals for future year budgets.  For more information on this, please see the Fire Authority: Consultations section of this website.


How we are financed

Below is a chart showing where the monies we receive come from, with a key below it (amounts shown are in millions of pounds):

How we are financed chart 

Council Tax: £16.722 or 54%. 
Business Rates: £3.437 or 11%
Revenue Support Grant:  £8.934 or 29%.
Other Income:  £2.036 or 6%.


How we spend

Below is a chart showing how we use the monies we receive, with a key below it (amounts shown are in millions of pounds):

 Expenditure chart

Employees:  £21.602 or 70%.
Premises:  £1.180 or 4%.
Supplies and Services:  £5.698 or 18%.
Transport:  £0.679 or 2%.
Capital Financing:  £1.970 or 6%.


Capital Spending

The Fire Authority's Capital Programme includes:

  • The purchase of fire appliances and other operational vehicles
  • Property maintenance and improvements
  • Operational equipment
  • Information technology and communications equipment.


Related documents

Budget Books

The Budget Book provides a detailed break-down of the budget for the current financial year and shows how it will be funded.


Financial Strategy

The Financial Strategy provides a summary of what The Authority expects to spend over the next five years, based upon current funding estimates.


The Capital Strategy

The Capital Strategy provides an insight into the process of defining and agreeing capital expenditure.  It dovetails with the Procurement Strategy and Asset Management Plan.


Contacting us

If you need more information about the Fire Authority budget, please contact the Fire Authority Treasurer at:

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service
Fire Headquarters
Hinchingbrooke Cottage
Brampton Road
PE29 2NA

Telephone: 01480 444619.

Email:  budget@cambsfire.gov.uk