All-encompassing Safe and Well visits to replace home fire safety checks


A new way of making the community safer is to be rolled out across Cambridgeshire.

Targeting the elderly and vulnerable in Cambridgeshire, Safe and Well visits will not just encompass fire safety but also see firefighters undertake a series of other activities to make someone’s home a safer place for them.

Five key areas will now be included in the Safe and Well process, which include home fire safety check, fall prevention assessment, alcohol awareness, warmth, and burglary and scam reduction.

Chris Parker, Head of Community Fire Safety, said: “Implementing this fresh new approach to community safety will reinforce our position as a key community partner and deliver a model that is consistent, sustainable and most importantly, provide the best possible service to our communities.

“With the fire service now considered to be a health asset, it was natural to review our role with partners to see how we could better support vital community work. The move to Safe and Well Visits has been welcomed by the other agencies we are working with and we now have greater access to data on those who are most vulnerable in our community meaning our resources are utilised in the most efficient way.”

Trials of the developing Safe and Well Visit are underway and it is hoped they will be rolled out county-wide this summer.