Audit outcomes and appeals

There are a range of outcomes following an audit, summarised below:
Broadly compliant: The audit is considered to be satisfactory and there is no further correspondence.  
Give fire safety advice, educate and inform: General verbal and/or written (email/letter) fire safety advice given to highlight any minor or potential issues.

Fire Safety Matters no Revisit: A letter issued when items need to be addressed to achieve compliance with the FSO and corrective measures are outlined, but a further follow-up inspection is not deemed to be necessary.

Fire Safety Matters Revisit: A letter is issued when items need to be addressed promptly to achieve compliance with the FSO, the corrective measures are outlined and a follow-up inspection is conducted to ensure the items have been addressed.

Action plan: Where appropriate, an action plan is agreed between CFRS and the responsible person to address items within an agreed timescale to achieve compliance with the FSO.

Enforcement notice: A legal notice served when the responsible person has failed to comply with the FSO, notification of deficiencies or action plan. The notice outlines corrective measures the responsible person is legally obliged to complete within a set timescale, in order to comply with the FSO.

Prohibition notice: A legal notice served when the use of the premises may constitute an imminent risk of death or serious injury to the persons using them. Parts or the entire premises may be restricted or prohibited until improvements are made.

Alterations notice: A legal notice issued when CFRS consider the premises constitute a serious risk or may constitute a serious risk if changes are made. The notice requires the responsible person to notify CFRS of any proposed changes that may increase the risk on the premises. An alterations notice does not mean the responsible person has failed to comply with the FSO.

Failure to comply with an enforcement, prohibition or alterations notice is an offence under the FSO.

Determinations and appeals 

Should the responsible person and CFRS disagree on the measures required to remedy an area of non-compliance, (providing both parties agree), the matter may be referred to the Secretary of State for a determination.

The person to whom an alterations, enforcement or prohibition notice has been served by CFRS may appeal the notice within 21 days from the day of the notice being served in a magistrate’s court.

For further information on the determination and appeals procedure, please visit the DCLG website (Department for Communities and Local Government)