Business Process Management Developer James Thompson

“My role is technical, but being business-facing and people-facing gives the job much more relevance and context. It's always nice to work closely with stakeholders too.”

James, 33, joined the Service in 2007 on a 12-month temporary contact as a web coordinator in the media and communication department. The role became permanent and after five years, an opportunity arose to use his skills in a different way. He became involved in a team looking at using new technology to improve business processes, making them more efficient. 

He explains: “When I joined I was a stereotypical web developer with a greater rapport with technology than with people! Over the years my interpersonal skills and confidence increased and I’ve enjoyed mentoring and taking part in a leadership programme.

“My role now is a mix of business process analysis, process modelling, computer programming and web design. It's like being an in-house web developer but where your web pages are business tools that help the Service work smarter. Seeing the positive impact of that is very rewarding and continually engaging.

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend a variety of courses, obtain qualifications  relating to the wider industry and be part of a project that is leading the way with fire and rescue services nationally.”

“Not all employers are as dedicated as they are here to helping their workforce develop and identify opportunities to move onwards within the organisation. My managers have always encouraged the development of personal and professional skills that are role specific but also transferable. I feel valued and empowered, which led me to be more driven, look for new responsibilities and think longer term about my career.