Business Support Officer Rosalind Innes

“This job is ultimately all about the public, their property and their lives. Although I’m not on the frontline, I’m still an important part of the work the fire service does so we have to make sure the team delivers.”

Rosalind has enjoyed numerous support roles in the Service since joining on a temporary contract in 2009, including in Human Resources, Learning and Development and in Administration at fire stations. She says she has been given lots of opportunities to develop and has now progressed to the Business Support Group as an officer with a plethora of responsibilities. She is grateful for further development and knowledge that has come with her participation on the Insight Development Programme and involvement on the Equality and Inclusion Network.
Rosalind explains: “I like helping people and being that first point of contact for a lot of people. I not only support firefighters, community safety officers and senior fire officers with their work but also serve the members of the public who are our customers in need of advice or assistance.”

“I’m in my element when I’m working at an operational fire station. I find it really interesting as you never know what you’re going to be faced with next.”

On a day-to-day basis, Rosalind’s role involves handling requests from the public, thinking logistically about booking home fire safety visits, coordinating community engagement work, administering the website and managing general bookings of fire stations with community groups and partner organisations. 

She comments: “I think communication is an essential skill and you also have to be skilled at collating information, listening and multi-tasking. Urgency is the business of the fire service so it is important to work under pressure when needed."

“There are so many different sides to the fire service and I get to see all of them working in my role. I love working with such a huge variety of people but also knowing at the end of the day that I’ve helped the community in some way."