Caroline Dixon

Meeting the Team

It's been Caroline Dixon's dream to become a firefighter. After her first week towards that dream she's met with the others on the cause, learned how the service works - and got in a spot of bother with some hoses.

The A Word

Assessments always make everything sound worse. Compounded by emotion and missing her children, Caroline starts to doubt herself. By week 3, however, Caroline has found her "Big Voice" and the group help each other out by forming a chat group.

"Really good fun, now."

By the end of week 5 Caroline's in the swing of things, her confidence has sky rocketed and she's even started to miss the course! The group has tried out working at height and first aid.

"I cut the roof off a car!"

Week 6 has been Caroline's favourite so far. Desperate to cut things, Caroline got her wish when the group used a whole host of tools and equipment to cut open cars involved in road traffic collisions.

The BA Shuffle

Not a dance move, but a way of navigating smoke filled rooms. It's week 8 and the group are practising the shuffle around the fire station, getting some looks from the public as they do it! Caroline also finds out she's really good at something.

"I can do this firefighting lark!"

By week 9 the end of the course is in sight. The group started as a 14 and really want to pass out as a 14. Caroline comes face to face with fire for the first time and the group have a BBQ to celebrate.