Crew Commander Chris Cox

“I get to drive change in my role and learn so much about the wider organisation and external agencies while at the same time develop myself and others.”

Father-of-one Chris Cox joined fire control in 2008 when he wanted to challenge himself following a sales role.

In his role on day watch, Chris is responsible for inputting new data and risks and maintaining existing details on a computer system so that when 999 calls are taken, we can send the right resources to the right place. 

Chris explains: “The work is varied and on top of our usual role in day watch, we also provide cover in fire control. When we’re taking 999 calls you never know what might happen next but it’s being able to help and reassure people that I enjoy.

“Since being in the Service I’ve also been given the opportunity to mentor others and have coaching myself, giving me the chance to learn more about myself and improve my way of working. It’s also really enjoyable to attend training exercises.”

“It is such a varied role. No two days are ever the same and most importantly, I’m supporting my community.”