Emma Morgan

Firefighter (Control) Emma Morgan helped some vulnerable people escape safely from a house fire - 13-year-old autistic boy Jordon Moye, his younger brother Louis and their blind grandfather.

Jordon and his family were involved in a fire at their three-storey house last year in 2015.

Emma took the call from Jordon and stayed on the phone to him until fire crews arrived, telling him what he needed to do.

“He was really upset and panicking. I told him to come out the house and he said he had his brother with him and his dog Charlie, but that Charlie kept running back into the house. I kept telling him he had done the right thing by getting out of the house but he was distressed because his grandad was still in the house, on the upstairs floor.

“Jordon put a belt around Charlie to stop him running back into the house but he was panicking because he was worried about his grandad and I kept telling him, ‘get out, stay out’.”

She said Jordon could see his grandfather on the stairs. “I told Jordan to help his grandfather down step by step by shouting to let him know when there was a step. Jordan’s grandad tried to go back up the stairs to get his medication but all I could hear was Jordon shouting, ‘Emma says you can’t get your medication’. He was a real man of the hour.”

Emma was then invited to spend a day with the family at Ipswich East fire station and presented a special award for bravery to Jordon at a ceremony organised by Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service.

Emma said it was an honour to be invited along to the fire station to meet the family.

“Normally you put the phone down and you never know what happens to people but this was a nice way to wrap things up.”

She said it’s always hard when talking to children over the phone. “When they are genuine it is frightening.”

Emma added: “People don’t always think of the most rational things. People often say things like ‘we have got to go and get our handbag upstairs’, or ‘we’re in our pyjamas, we need to go and get changed’ but it’s important they leave the property.”

Emma says she was really pleased to have met Jordon: “When I met him I looked at him and said, ‘we did all right mate, didn’t we?’”

She is still in touch with the family and they still meet up. Emma concluded: “If I finish working at control tomorrow I would still know that call was worth all the training and the commitment I have given the fire service."