Firefighter Graham Duff

Graham Duff is the After-Sales Manager at Audi in Peterborough and a father-of-two. For over a decade he has also been saving lives in his community as an on-call firefighter at Yaxley Fire Station.

Graham explains: “I always liked getting involved in the community and previously used to be committed to the Scouting scene, but then I wanted to do something else.

“My brother had been an on-call firefighter for a number of years so I knew a little bit about it and before I joined I went to the station for a few drill nights. I got to know the crew and understood what went on and I’d highly recommend people do that so you don’t go into it blind.”

“I love the fact that I can be doing anything, like playing with my kids in the garden, and then just minutes later you’re in the back of the fire engine because your alerter has gone off and you’ve rushed to the fire station. It’s hard juggling a full time job, on-call firefighting and a family and it does affect your life in some ways, but I love doing it.”