Firefighter Rachel Casbon

By day, Rachel Casbon, 40, is an accountant. She became an on-call firefighter in 1999 to give her the adrenalin rush her day job didn’t. As well as juggling a full time career in accounting and being an on-call firefighter, she also has two horses, a dog, a cat and a partner – and she still manages to fit everything in.

Rachel explains: “I applied not expecting to be accepted or even to pass all of the entry tests, but a few months later I was proudly awarded my alerter and I still love every minute of the job. I’ve met a variety of different people being a firefighter and learned heaps. Not only is my first aid at work qualification renewed regularly, I now also have a LGV Class 2 licence and am able to drive a 14 tonne fire engine on blue lights.”

She adds: “My dad was so chuffed and proud to announce to his friends that his daughter was a firefighter and drove the fire engine. Everyone I meet in my day job is amazed at what I do in the evenings and weekends. But I have to get my adrenalin from somewhere, as accountancy just doesn’t do it!”

“I love being able to help others when they find themselves in an unfortunate situation. Even though we don’t do the job to be thanked, you know deep down that someone has been extremely grateful to see us arrive in a big red truck with blue lights flashing.”