Is it for you?

Working as a firefighter at Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue is not just a job. Structured training and development will allow you to maximise your potential, providing you with the chance to progress into specialist roles, such as fire protection, prevention, operational resilience and training.   

In addition, for those of you seeking a career in management, we offer a real opportunity to develop from firefighter through to middle management and then to a senior management position.  All our uniformed senior management team started their careers as firefighters, so you could be our future chief fire officer.

There are certain qualities that make an effective firefighter, take a moment to answer the questions below to see if you have these qualities:

  • Are you genuinely interested in people and able to get on with people from different backgrounds and cultures?

  • Are you committed to promoting the safety of your community?

  • Do you enjoy working as part of a team and are an effective and reliable team worker?

  • Could you work under pressure to support your colleagues?

  • Are you able to retain information quickly and accurately?

  • Can you think on your feet to solve problems, react flexibly and use your initiative?

  • Would you be able to deal sensitively with members of the public in difficult and emotional situations?

  • Would you be able to take the responsibility for representing a professional Service?

  • Are you committed to always maintaining and developing your skills?

  • Do you enjoy working in a job where there is lots of change and improvements?

  • Are you prepared for the demands of working in a disciplined uniformed Service in which you will have to take orders and instructions from others?

  • Are you prepared to work unsocial work patterns, which will include night shifts, weekend work, and public holidays?

  • Are you dependable and can be relied on to do something?

  • Do you have a mature and balanced outlook?

  • Are you able to exhibit a high standard of self discipline?

  • Could you be punctual, honest and dependable?

  • Are you able to communicate clearly both verbally and in written form?

  • Could you maintain high standards of personal fitness and stamina with a capacity for rapid intense and sustained efforts?

  • Are you sociable and self confident?

  • Are you prepared to work outside in all types of weather, when it is wet and cold?