Station Commander Debbie Vickers

“I’ve been given lots of opportunities to develop through leadership courses, which have helped me as a manager, challenged how I view problems and given me greater confidence. I have also been inspired by people I work with to challenge myself, resulting in getting a degree in Psychology with the Open University.”

Station Commander Debbie Vickers climbed her way up through the ranks in the fire control room and has held her current role for 10 years.

She explains: “The range of work I do on a daily basis is very varied. I am involved in business continuity management to make sure we can still take 999 calls and send fire engines to incidents, attend debriefs for complex incidents to look at ways we can improve, and host visits from other fire services to show best working practice.

“Managing day-to-day performance of everyone who works in fire control falls under my remit and I’m keen to ensure we provide development opportunities and support people with welfare issues.

“When we get really busy the managers in Combined Fire Control will get involved, so I’ll still take 999 calls and mobilise fire engines.

“Working in Combined Fire Control is varied, hard work but very rewarding.” 

I love feeling that what I do makes a difference to someone and being able to put something back into the community.”