Watch Commander Ben Fawcitt

Ben did not initially think of joining the fire service and it was only when a friend enrolled that he started to look into it. He says: "I thought it was a good idea because it was exciting and it ticked a lot of boxes for me."

He explains it was not an easy feat to get accepted but aged just 21 he was accepted into Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service, where he spent four years before transferring to his home brigade in Cambridgeshire.

As Ben has progressed in his career, things have changed, he comments: "The job is different now compared with when I started and as a manager I now see things differently."

As well as working at different fire stations, Ben also spent time in fire safety, where he said he learned more about the organisation as a whole.

Ben says: "As a manager, I get a different kind of buzz to the adrenalin rush I used to get when I started as a firefighter. It's now about making sure everyone else is safe and doing their job well.

"You also get to create things and make things happen as a manager, which I really get satisfaction out of."

This year Ben has started at training centre, which he said provides him with new challenges.

"I like to be kept busy and constantly pushed out of my comfort zone and being in training centre does that for me. It also allows me to perfect my firefighting skills.

"I'm looking forward to inspiring people, helping build confidence and teaching them new things. I like changing things, so being in training centre is about changing people for the better and embedding new skills into the Service. I want to be able to affect the bigger picture," he adds.

"You don't become a firefighter for the money; it's about helping people.

"It's a great job for someone who can't imagine themselves in a 9 to 5.

"My advice would be to anyone interested in joining; go and visit a fire station and speak to those who do the job. It's not as daunting as you may think and there is help and advice out there. If you apply and get knocked back then keep trying - it's all about persistence."