Watch Commander Trevor Lindsay

A retail manager, glass factory worker and labourer, Trevor was not too sure where his path was taking him.

He explains: "I saw the advertisement for firefighters in the paper and just decided to go for it. I was successful and put on a holding list for two years. During those two years I worked on building sites and learned a lot about construction, which put me in good stead for my training.

"Training was hard and tough - a lot harder than I expected to be honest. Both physically and mentally it was a real challenge."

But what is the job really about for Trevor?

He says: "People. Whether it's the people you're working with in the organisation or other agencies, or the community. It's about making sure we've all got a common goal.

"I particularly like working with young people and engaging in community issues with agencies like the police and youth centres.

"Working with young people sometimes is hard but to think you've given them the information and tools to make the right choices in life is satisfying. When you see these young people moving on, doing well and contributing to their community positively, it's rewarding to know you had some part to play.

"When you ask most people want they want to do in life, they say they want to work in the community and make a difference and the fire service is definitely a place where you have that opportunity to do that. It is down to you to take ideas forward and contribute, and if you do, you'll have a great career."

One of the opportunities Trevor pitched was organising a mass donation of a firefighting appliances and rescue equipment to third world country Ghana - something he took forward, enjoyed thoroughly and is extremely proud of.

Now, Trevor is taking on another new opportunity as the watch commander leading the Service's new tactical delivery group (TDG). He comments: "This is something new and positive - there's a real buzz about this group. And for me, to work in a positive atmosphere around enthusiastic people makes your job satisfying.

"This challenge is not only important for the communities we're going to be serving and engaging with but also for the staff in the group. They're ambitious and having the opportunity to be on the TDG will hopefully help them achieve their own development goals to improve themselves. I cannot wait to get stuck in and be a part of that."