White Watch Control

Crew Commander Ian Barlow celebrates 25 years in control today (Oct 25, 2016). Outside of work, the former runner and father of two acts as a rugby teens tackle bag on Sunday mornings (he’s never played rugby but helps out with coaching the Wisbech under 15s!) Prior to joining the service, Ian was a butcher then Royal Military Policeman in the Army for 5 ½ years.

Watch Commander Jenni Boyd relaxes at the end of a long shift by walking her Westie Casper. While she’s really decisive at work, at home it’s a different matter: “In control you have to be really decisive and make a decision instantly. At home I am the total opposite. Because everything is so fast-paced in control at home I have to switch my brain off which makes it harder for me to make a decision.”

Firefighter (control) Heather Marsh has two girls, aged four and eight. Prior to working for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service she worked for NHS 111 as a health advisor but has had some other occupations people wouldn’t expect like being a home insurance claims advisor, an Estate Agent and also a qualified Nursery Nurse. She is qualified in British Sign Language.

Firefighter (control) Paul Gascoigne has lots of strings to his bow. Apart from working in control, he also runs his own driving school in Ipswich and has been an on-call firefighter in Ipswich for over 12 years. Prior to working in control he was a Communicator in the Royal Navy and served in the Falklands War.

Firefighter (control) Daisy Gooderham has her dad to thank for working in control. Watch Commander Russell Gooderham, based at Kimbolton Fire Station, told Daisy about the job and she’s been working in control since April. Prior to that she worked as a HR supervisor at St Neots Cineworld. “It’s completely different to what I used to do. It’s a challenge.”