Drug and alcohol awareness training for firefighters


Frontline fire service staff are increasing their knowledge about drug and alcohol awareness to help spot signs of increased risk when delivering safety checks in people’s homes.

The training has been delivered by a Drug and Alcohol Awareness Team (DAAT) specialist to ensure Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service staff carrying out fire safety visits in people’s homes (soon to be called Safe and Well Visits) have the knowledge and confidence to undertake alcohol awareness engagement.

Station Commander Paul Clarke said: “Alcohol awareness is one of Public Health England’s three key areas that have the greatest impact on the health service, alongside smoking and obesity. 

“By engaging residents about their alcohol intake as part of our Safe and Well Visit provides the fire service with an opportunity to support a national health priority.

“Most people are unaware of how much they drink and whilst we do not consider ourselves experts in the field, we can identify those who may be at risk from their alcohol use and refer them to relevant partner agencies for help and support.”