The Standards Committee (Fire Authority)

The Fire Authority has established a Standards Committee to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by members of the Fire Authority.

Terms of Reference

The Committee is responsible for recommending a Code of Conduct to the Fire Authority, to promote its observance by Fire Authority members, and to deal with any complaints against alleged breaches of the Code. The Committee's full terms of reference can be found on Page 7 of the following document:


The Standards Committee comprises 2 Independent members and 4 members of the Fire Authority.  The Committee is chaired by one of the Independent members.  The current membership of the Committee is:

  • Mrs Penny Kingham (Independent member and Chairman)
  • Mr William Billing (Independent member and Vice Chairman)
  • Councillor Jill Tuck 
  • Councillor Kevin Reynolds 
  • Councillor Sue Gymer
  • Councillor Sue Day  


The Committee meets twice a year and members of the public are welcome to attend its meetings.  Copies of agenda, reports and minutes of the Standards Committee are available on the website under Fire Authority documents.

The Committee publishes an annual report each year on its activities.  The latest annual report is available via the link below:


The Committee is responsible for dealing with complaints against members of the Fire Authority where there is an alleged breach of the Code of Conduct.

Further information about how to make a complaint can be found on the Fire Authority Complaints.