Fire Safety

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Fire is a great risk to life and to property.

This section contains advice and information for residents, businesses and premises owners.  For a quick run-down of the contents, please see the sections listed below or use the menu on the left.

If after checking this section you still need help, please contact us through our fire safety Gateway.

Although we are always available to respond to fires, we want to prevent them from happening in the first place and make sure that when a fire does occur, you have the right level of protection to get out of a building safely, whether it is your home, workplace or a place you are visiting. 

The information contained in this section could save your life or that of somebody you know.  We are here to help, whether you need advice for your home, your place of work, in school or outside.

In the home

The In the home section is packed with information about how you can prevent different fires, what to do if a fire should break out in your home, what you can do to protect yourself and your family from fire. You can also find out if you are entitled to a FREE home fire safety check - this is where we will come to your home, help you to minimise fire risks in your home, help you plan an escape route, and we'll also fit FREE smoke alarms for you if necessary. Please be aware that requests for home fire safety checks are prioritised according to individual risk.

In the workplace

The responsible person(s) in any non-domestic premises must comply with legislation under the Fire Safety Order. We are the enforcing authority for fire safety legislation relating to business premises. We offer help to business and business premises owners to comply with their duties under the Fire Safety Order.

You can learn more about the support we offer and the legislation in this section.


It's not just in the home at and work we need to consider fire prevention. This section gives advice on how to stay safe and prevent fires that may occur outside, particularly in the summer when the ground and vegetation are dry. Garden bonfires, barbecues, camping - if care isn't taken, the fun can soon turn to disaster. This section also gives advice on what to do if your car catches fire.


Our education programme includes fire and road safety learning packages for all key stages. In this section you can learn more about the packages and learning resources we offer pre-schools, schools and colleges.


We are proactive in tackling arson and work closely with the police, local councils and other partner agencies to reduce the number of fires that are started deliberately across Cambridgeshire. In this section  you can learn more about the work we do, and learn how you can prevent your home or business from being targeted by arsonists.

Firesetter Intervention Scheme

Our Firesetter Intervention project is aimed at helping young people who have an unhealthy interest or fascination with fire. This is a free service we offer any parent or guardian who is worried about their child, or when a fire occurs that has been started by a child. You can read more about our firesetter intervention scheme in this section. It also contains a link to an online form you can use to request a firesetter visit.