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Understanding and dealing with arson

We are doing all we can, working closely with partnership agencies to reduce the number of deliberate fires in the county.

But we need your help too. 

There are simple steps that residents and business owners can do to reduce the risk of being a victim of arson.

We have put together the following advice to help you understand how you can reduce the likelihood of arson occurring in the areas in which you work and live. 

Remove the opportunity

  • If you leave your wheelie bins out for collection too far in advance, you are giving arsonists an opportunity to set fire to them - try to not put them out for collection until it is really necessary.
  • Keep your bins out of sight - for example, in your rear garden or keep them stored ina  shed or garage until they are due for collection.

  • Businesses should keep their rubbish away from their buildings. If bins are set on fire and they are next to buildings, the fire can spread to the building itself.

  • Keep matches, lighters, petrol cans and other flammable or fire-starting materials out of sight and safe

Shine some light on the situation

Security lights are a good idea, because they prevent those intent on committing arson from hiding in the dark.  If you must leave your wheelie bins in a vulnerable location for long periods, using security lights can help deter would-be arsonists.

Capture the offenders in the act

Security cameras not only act as a deterrent but offer the added advantage of being able to record crimes as they occur.  These are a particularly good idea for commercial premises, especially in cases where rubbish must be left unattended for long periods of time.

Understanding peer pressure

The basic fact is that arson kills people.  Don't give into peer pressure and don't get involved.

Report ALL fires

If we don't know about them we cannot help, so don't be afraid to tell us about a fire even if you think it is too small to be of concern to us.

Your children

Do you know what your children are doing?  Do they come home smelling of smoke or petrol? Playing with fire is not fun. it is extremely dangerous and it is important that parents and guardians explain these dangers to their children.

If you believe your child has an unhealthy interest or fascination with fire, or you know they play with fire, contact us by calling Freephone 0800 9179994 or emailing for a free firesetter intervention visit. You can learn more about this service we offer on the Firesetter intervention page.

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