Fire safety education

Our work with schools

photo of firefighter talking to a group of children

An important part of our community safety programme is educating young people about the dangers of fire.

By educating them at an early age, it is hoped they will take these messages with them into their adulthood.

We coordinate a range of activities for children and young people. These include:

  • Alerting them to the dangers of fire
  • Explaining the dangers of matches and lighters
  • Providing them with information on how to stay safe from fire in their home
  • Explaining the dangers of hoax calls
  • Education for older children about the consequences of arson
  • Encouraging safer and responsible driving.

Some packages are provided to schools and colleges for teachers to deliver to their class. Others could involve a visit to the fire station, or a visit to the school or college by the fire service and the partner agencies who are involved.

Our community safety work is prioritised, therefore we may not be able to make every request for a school visit. If we cannot visit, we will do all we can to help provide resources so the lesson can be delivered by the teacher.

Requests for visits should be made by telephoning 0800 9179994 or emailing

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