Firesetter intervention scheme

What to do if your child has an unhealthy interest in fire

photo of child playing with a lighter

The fire service runs a scheme called Firesetter Intervention which involves fire service staff visiting children who play or have a fascination with fire.  This is always with the permission of the parent or guardian and the visit takes place in the child's own home.

This is a completely free service.

During the visit, children and their families/household learn the consequences of playing with fire and the success rate is extremely high.

We've helped hundreds of families through the scheme and last year we had just under 50 requests for assistance.

There are many reasons why children set fire to things - sometimes it is experimenting, sometimes it is under peer pressure from friends or siblings.  But sometimes it is a cry for help, or to seek attention.

Whatever the reason, the important thing is to contact us if you are concerned about your child and their fascination with fire.

We would rather visit now than have to visit when your house is on fire.

You can request a visit by using our Domestic Gateway enquiry service, or telephoning us on 0800 9179994.

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