Guidance documents for your business

A series of guides have been produced by Communities and Local Government (CLG) to help you comply with fire safety legislation. The CLG website contains lots of information on fire safety legislation and enforcement relating to specific types of businesses and business premises. 

Please find below a list of links to these documents, followed by additional resources that are not from CLG. The guides and forms are available to use, view or download free of charge.

CLG fire safety risk assessment guides  

Small and medium places of assembly

Large places of assembly

Animal premises and stables

Educational premises

Factories and warehouses

Healthcare premises

Offices and shops

Open air events and venues

Residential care premises

Sleeping accommodation

Theatres and cinemas

Transport premises and facilities  

Supplementary fire risk assessment guides

Means of Escape for Disabled People

Do you have paying guests? (guide for premises providing guest sleeping accommodation)

Making your premises safe from fire

Making your premises safe from fire (Chinese translation) 

Making your premises safe from fire (Polish translation)

Making your premises safe from fire (Urdu translation)

Making your premises safe from fire (Turkish translation)

Making your premises safe from fire (Gujarati translation)

Additional fire safety guides & templates

Housing fire safety: LACORS guide

Fire safety in purpose built blocks of flats

Model standards 2008 for caravan sites in England

Storing and selling fireworks safely (HSE guide)

A guide to safety for fireworks display organisers and operators (HSE guide)

College May Balls and June events - Cambridge organisers' Fire Safety Handbook 2014/15
(See also the May Ball Organisers Handbook by Cambridge City Council)

Fire Safety advice for temporary structures and small licensed events

Fire risk assessment - Food concessions template

Fire risk assessment - Traders and market stalls template


For further fire safety information, visit the CLG website