Who we are and what we do

Guide to information part 1

Organisational information; management structures; premises locations and contact details for the public can be found in the following pages:

About us

This page contains an overview of the communities we serve; the locations we operate from; our obligations under legislation and our role as a Fire and Rescue Service.

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Our structure

This page contains our directorate stucture and its responsibilities.  Pages thereunder contain full contact details for our District Offices and Fire Stations (plus our Headquarters), including the communities each premises serves and contact details for the public-facing staff at each location.

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Fire Authority

This section contains our full Committee and Member details; links to the council websites for members of the main 3 committees, and directions to contact the members via our Headquarters.

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Contact us

This page offers various means of contacting us depending on the reason for doing so - for example Fire Safety advice; compliments; complaints; Freedom of Information and general enquiries.

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