Services we offer

Guide to information part 7

Information about the services we offer, including leaflets; guidance and newsletters, can be found in the following pages:

About us

This page details the three aspects of the work we do - Prevention, Protection and Response.

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This section contains press releases advertising historic and future news; events and campaigns.  It includes an archive of old press releases and an RSS feed to complement the current ones.

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This section details the incidents we have attended, which the media also use to keep up-to-date.  The details of incidents may include their causes and outcomes of any investigations held since, plus the appliances and crews that attended.  Major incidents are included in this list as a matter of routine, and care is taken to update the public on every development as soon as is practicable.  This is assisted by the use of our Alert Box feature, which allows us to advertise updates on the website homepage.

This section includes an archive of old incidents and an RSS feed to complement the current ones.

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Fire Safety

This section contains lots and lots of practical safety advice for individuals; employees and employers, at home; in the workplace and outside.  It also contains details of the educational and partnership work we do, in, for example, schools, and the workshops we hold for business and premises owners.

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Road safety

This section contains details on the educational work we do in this field; useful and practical safety advice and the partnerships we are involved in.

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Calling 999

This page includes an explanation of our system of charges for non-emergency call-outs.

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