High rise buildings

High-rise flats are built to be fireproof and most fires won't spread further than one or two rooms. Walls, ceilings and doors will hold back flames and smoke so if there is a fire somewhere else in the building, you are usually safest in your flat unless you are affected by heat or smoke.

Make an escape plan

Making an escape plan will give you the confidence to know what to do if there is a fire and will give you peace of mind.

If you live in a flat above the first floor, most of your safety planning is exactly the same as for ground-floor homes. However, there are some important differences - if you live in a flat in a high-rise building you should also take the following advice:

  • Choose an escape route. This should be the easiest way out. Think about how to get out of your flat, but also how to get off your floor to somewhere safe outside the building. Also decide on a second escape route, if one is available (but not a balcony).
  • Make sure your escape route is kept clear. Check there aren't any boxes, rubbish or anything that could catch fire in corridors or stairways.
  • If your building has fire doors, make sure they always stay closed and are not propped open.
  • Make sure doors to stairways and fire escapes aren't locked. Regularly check you can open these doors from both sides.
  • Never include a lift in your escape plan.
  • ​Choose a safe room. If you can't escape you will need to find one room where you can wait to be rescued, preferably one with a window that opens and has a phone in it.