Huntingdon fire station

Address: Hartford Road, Huntingdon, PE29 3RH

Phone: 01480 445 800

Huntingdon fire station is the largest fire station in the Huntingdonshire district. It is staffed 24/7 by firefighters who operate the first water tender. There are five watches at Huntingdon - Blue, Green, Red, Black and White.

There is a second water tender at Huntingdon crewed by on-call firefighters. The station also houses the incident command unit and a rescue vehicle - these appliances can be crewed by either the Tactical Delivery Group or on-call firefighters on request.

Huntingdon is also where the Service's training centre and instructors are located. 

The station commander at the station is Per Middleton. Each watch commander is listed below:

  • Watch Commander (Blue watch) Steve Fleming
  • Watch Commander (Red watch) Gareth Boyd
  • Watch Commander (Green watch) Jon Wade
  • Watch Commander (White watch) Rob Foreman
  • Watch Commander (Black watch) Trevor Lindsay
  • Watch Commander (On-call) Derek Lines

Vehicles at this station

  • One Scania rescue pump
  • One Scania water tender
  • One rescue vehicle
  • One Incident Command Unit (ICU)  
  • One Mass Dis-robe and Re-robe Unit