Bungalow fire - Cottenham - South Cambs

10 March 2010, 9.58pm

At 9.58pm yesterday (10), one crew from Cottenham and one crew from Cambridge were called to a fire in a bungalow on New Road in Cottenham.

The occupants - a man and a woman - heard a loud bang and on opening the built-in wardrobe in a bedroom, discovered a fire which had started in the electricity box and which had spread to clothes.

Shortly after, a smoke alarm which was positioned on the wall, instead of the ceiling, started sounding.

The couple dialled 999 and escaped from the home without injury.

Crews arrived and used two hose reels to extinguish the fire.

They returned to base by 11.40pm.

Matthew Scruby, Crew Manager at Cottenham Fire Station said: "If you have an electricity box in a cupboard, please ensure that you don't allow any flammable items to touch it, as it will get quite hot.

"Also, while it is commendable that this couple had a working smoke alarm, it may have started sounding sooner if it had been positioned on the ceiling which is where we advise them to be fitted."

For further information on smoke alarms, contact 0800 917 9994.