Fire in garden - Millfield - Peterborough

01 August 2010, 3.35pm

At 3.35pm on Sunday (1), one crew from Dogsthorpe was called to a fire in a garden on Parliament Street in Millfield, Peterborough.

Firefighters arrived to find that this was an out of control bonfire which had spread to vegetation and then a garden shed.

Crews extinguished the fire using one hose reel.

They returned to base by 4.10pm.

The cause of the fire was accidental. 

A fire service spokesperson said: "If you start a bonfire near vegetation or anything else flammable there is a very real danger of it spreading, and it will very quickly become out of control.

"If you are having a bonfire or barbecue this summer, ensure it is situated properly and supervised at all times."