Chemical spill - Orton Goldhay - Huntingdonshire

26 August 2011, 11.35am

At 11.35am this morning (26) two crews from Dogsthorpe and Stanground, a rescue vehicle from Dogsthorpe and a hazardous material unit from St Neots were called to a chemical spill at Omega Foundry on Stapledon in Orton Goldhay, Peterborough.

This was a fluid which was leaking from a pipe and which was originally thought to be around 50 litres of ammonia.

Firefighters and police evacuated nearby properties as a precaution.

Two casualties were treated by paramedics for slight inhalation of the chemical.

Firefighters in gas tight suits entered the building to assess the chemical, which was believed to be around ten litres of Triethylamine, a similar chemical to ammonia.

Firefighters used sand to absorb the leaked chemical and made the scene safe.

Crews left the incident at around 2pm.