Barbecue fire - Brampton - Huntingdonshire

A crew from Huntingdon was called to a fire in the open at Brampton Golf Club, Buckden Road, Brampton.

A fire had broken out involving a gas barbecue that was within close proximity of another gas cylinder and located close to a building.

The fire was extinguished using a hose reel and the cylinders were cooled.

The crew returned to their station by 5.50pm.

The cause of the fire was accidental, by person.

Watch Commander Robert Foreman said: “This fire started because the person responsible for operating the barbecue was unsure how the gas cylinder attached to the appliance.

“This incident had the potential to be a lot worse than it was because another cylinder, which was not being used, was stored very close to the barbecue and could easily have been involved. Also, the barbecue was located very close to the club house; the flames were very intense and had started to ignite the window frame and smoke log the club house.

“We would urge anyone having a barbecue to make sure a regulator is fitted to the gas cylinder and that it is correctly attached to the appliance before turning the cylinder on and igniting the barbecue.

“Remember also to keep barbecues well away from property and fencing and to never store cylinders underneath the barbecue or close by while using it.”