Boat fire - Chesterton - Cambridge

Crews and a rescue vehicle from Cambridge were called to a boat fire in Chesterton Road, West Chesterton.

A fire in a narrow boat near Jesus Lock was extinguished by midday by firefighters using a hose reel and wearing breathing apparatus.

No one was on board the boat when firefighters arrived.

Crews returned to their station by 1.10pm.

Watch Commander Clive Allen said: “The fire was spotted by passers-by who were quick to act and raised the alarm by dialling 999. Their early call, the damage to the boat was confined to the crew area.

“The fire started accidentally when scented candles were left alight in close proximity to combustible materials.

“Whether you are in a boat, a house or even something like a summer house at the bottom of your garden, it is important to never leave lit candles unattended. Always light candles on a flat, heatproof surface and make sure they are well away from any combustible materials like curtains, cushions and even stacks of paper.

“Whatever your property type, make sure you have a working smoke alarm fitted to each floor and it is tested regularly.”

fighting boat fire.