Chemical spill - City Hospital - Peterborough

Fire crews were called at 6.12am this morning (Dec 23) to a chemical spill at Peterborough City Hospital. Four crews from Dogsthorpe, Stanground, the Peterborough Volunteers and St Neots attended with the specialist chemical unit from St Neots.

Around five litres of a chemical called Formalin had leaked from its container in a small side room. Four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and special protective gloves used absorbent pads and granules to clear up the spillage and make the area safe.

The incident did not affect operations at the hospital and only the corridor outside the room was evacuated. No patients were affected by the incident.

Two members of hospital staff visited A&E as a precaution after feeling unwell. Both are now fine and back at work.

By 8.40am the spillage had been cleared and crews are now starting to leave the scene (9.20am).