Chiefs' declaration on road collisions

Heads of emergency services and local authorities signed a declaration of intent to reduce the number of road collisions in Cambridgeshire.

Chief Fire Officer Chris Strickland joined others to rubber stamp the commitment at a conference held by Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership.

The declaration was signed on the day (Feb 26) by Chief Constable Alec Wood, Sir Graham Bright, CFO Chris Strickland, Dr Liz Robin, Director of public health at the county council and Peterborough City Council, and Gillian Beasley, Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire county and Peterborough city councils, and states:
“We want to reduce the number of collisions on our roads and therefore the number of people killed or seriously injured as a result and the subsequent impact on individuals, their families and the community.”

It then sets out the ways this will be achieved, including prevention and early intervention, speed limits and road layout, providing a swift and joined-up response to collisions, and supporting victims and their families.

CFO Strickland said: “This declaration represents a commitment by all the partners to work together to reduce the number of road traffic collisions and make a concerted effort to educate the community to prevent collisions happening in the first place.

“Our operational staff have to deal with road incidents far too frequently and it affects us all when someone loses their life or gets seriously injured as a result of a collision."

The conference also saw Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Graham Bright launch a road safety casualty reduction and support fund, providing about £100,000 annually to support the partnership’s work.