Fire Authority and commissioner agree to joint estates review

The Fire Authority and Police and Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite have agreed to jointly review police and fire buildings in Huntingdon to explore if a collaborative approach can be taken for future working.

The review will consider the benefits and opportunities for collaborative working including any potential efficiencies that can be made with shared buildings.

Sir Peter Brown, Chairman of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority, said: "We have been in discussions with Mr Ablewhite since May about our plans for a new fire station, training centre and headquarters building on the St John's Wood site in the town. Mr Ablewhite offered alternatives to this and as a consequence we have been considering these options which need further work and analysis.

"Over the coming months we will fully explore opportunities for shared sites to deliver our services, especially with regard to training which is an operational priority for us. This will mean we can find the best solution to deliver both of our services into the future in the most cost effective way."

Mr Ablewhite added: "I welcome this decision and look forward to working with the fire service over the coming months.  It seems sensible that our organisations work collaboratively, where it makes sense to do so, to ensure we provide the facilities we need to improve services and keep the public safe in a way that represents best value for the tax payer."