Fire in the open - Hartford - Huntingdonshire

A crew from Huntingdon was called to a fire in the open in Hamlet Close, Hartford.

A fire involving approximately 10m of conifer tree and fencing was extinguished by firefighters using two hose reel jets.

The crew returned to station by 2.55pm.

The cause of the fire was accidental.

Watch Commander Trevor Lindsay said: “The resident of this property had been clearing away some conifer vegetation and instead of putting it in his recycling bin, decided to have a small bonfire. He underestimated just how quickly these things can get out of control - especially when burning conifer vegetation as it can get very dry and can cause fire to spread quickly. The fire spread to trees, fencing and into a neighbouring garden, and resulted in a call to the fire service.

“The message here is to put garden waste in your green recycling bin if you have one and if not, take it to the local waste and recycling centre to avoid having an unfortunate accident by lighting a bonfire that may get out of hand.”