Fire safety hits the big screen in Wisbech

Scrap the movie trailers – it is fire safety advice that is now on offer to cinema goers ahead of enjoying a film thanks to a unique Fenland partnership.

Firefighters and community safety officers from Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) have teamed up with the Rotary Club of Wisbech (RCoW) to engage with film fans at its Silver Mondays event.

The regular Monday cinema screenings at The Light Cinema, Wisbech, are run by RCoW and those who attend now have the chance to quiz fire service staff before watching a film.

Station Commander Brett Mills, Wisbech Fire Station, said: “Silver Mondays are always well attended and our presence has been really well received. Everyone who goes is keen to engage and talk with us and some really good work has come out of those conversations. 

“We have spoken to people who have not had smoke alarms and we have been able to go to their homes and assist them. We have also advised with more unusual queries too, such as how to store oxygen tanks in the house. Sometimes people can be a bit shy about asking those questions so the regularity of going to these events helps to break down those barriers and reach out to some of those who are most vulnerable in our community.”

Silver Mondays has been running since 2015 and brings together 150 to 200 people from Wisbech and the surrounding villages who are vulnerable or elderly to meet and socialise before watching a film.  

The fire service attendance at Silver Mondays supports the successful partnership between CFRS and RCoW, which already funds a number of smoke alarms provided by the Club and fitted by fire service staff in homes in Wisbech and the surrounding area.

Valerie Smith, President of the RCoW, added: “The events have been very successful. Some of the people who attend have not been out of their houses for years and they come and along and meet old school friends so it is very sociable. Everyone says the community fire safety officers and firefighters who attend the event have been really helpful.” 

Silver Mondays start at 9.30am, with films scheduled for 10.30am. Tickets cost £3. For information on future dates and films click here.