Foal rescue - Buckden - Huntingdonshire

Crews from St Neots and Huntingdon rescued a foal after it had fallen into the river in Mill Road.

The foal had gone over the top of a weir before getting stuck in the river downstream.

Firefighters wearing dry suits entered the water on a sled and used a floatation devise on the rear of the horse, and an improvised harness around its head, to help guide it back onto the river bank.

Crew Commander James Ball, of St Neots Fire Station, said: "He was pretty lucky really because he was only a tiny little thing and he'd gone over the weir before getting stuck downstream in standing water.

"He was very scared when he came out but we returned him straight back to his family."

CC Ball said the foal escaped largely unhurt and only had a small graze to one of his shins.

Crews returned to their stations by 11.28am.