House fire - Eynesbury - Huntingdonshire

Two crews from St Neots were called to a house fire in Shirdley Road, Eynesbury.

A fire had broken out involving a tumble dryer in a kitchen. The ground floor of the property was heavily smoke logged.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used hose reels and jets to extinguish the fire by 8.10am. Positive pressure ventilation fans were used to clear smoke.

Watch Commander Jon-Paul Jones, said: "An important message must come out of this incident; please do not put white goods on overnight. The family in this house had put their tumble dryer on before going to bed and unfortunately a fire had broken out. Although there were working smoke alarms in the property, the smoke did not reach them and so they did not activate. The family came downstairs this morning and as soon as they realised there was a fire they did exactly the right thing by closing all the doors on their way out, staying out, and dialling 999.

"Thanks to them keeping their doors closed, the fire and damage was contained to the kitchen.

"Please remember to not leave things like dishwashers, tumble dryers and washing machines on overnight, close doors before going to bed and check you have a working smoke alarm."

The cause of the fire was accidental, by household appliance.