House fire - Fen Drayton - South Cambs

A crew from Cambridge was called to a house fire in Vermuyden Way, Fen Drayton.

Firefighters used a hose reel to extinguish a fire in a bedroom.

The residents of the property were out on the arrival of the fire service. Two people were treated for smoke inhalation and were taken to hospital by ambulance.

The crew returned to station by 9.45pm.

The cause of the fire was accidental.

Station Commander Wayne Swales said: “This fire started in the bedroom in a more uncommon way than we are used to seeing. We believe a mirror sitting on cabinet drawers reflected the sun, which was coming in through the window, onto curtains, which then heated up and started a fire.

“Although this seems a little strange, we have experienced similar fires before where sunlight is reflected off a mirror or something similar. Residents can take simple measures like ensuring any mirrors or glass ornaments and bottles that could reflect the sun are kept out of direct sunlight and most importantly, ensure there is a working smoke alarm fitted on each floor of your property.”