House fire - Trumpington - Cambridge

Two crews from Cambridge were called to a house fire in Hereward Road.

The fire was in a first floor bedroom and smoke was affecting other areas of the house. Firefighters in breathing apparatus used one hose reel and a covering jet to extinguish the flames. The fire had started by a candle which had been left unattended.

Cambridge Station Commander Jamie Johnson said: “This was a significant fire and shows the consequences that unstable and unattended candles can have. Luckily the family had a working smoke alarm which alerted them to the fire and once they discovered the fire in the bedroom they closed the door, got out of the house and called the fire service which was exactly the right thing to do.

“We have lots of good advice about candle safety on our website and recommend that anyone wanting to use candles reads the advice before using them so they can be enjoyed safely.”