Incident at Manea Fire Station

Update, 12/04/2017:

Work started this morning (April 12) at Manea Fire Station to remove the fire engine and clear the damaged area of the building so it can be repaired.

The building partially collapsed on to the fire appliance last Thursday (April 6) during a weekly training evening at the station.

Area Commander Maurice Moore said: "Our priority remains getting the building and fire engine repaired as quickly as we can so normal service can resume in Manea. A structural engineer has carried out a detailed assessment of the building and a specialist contractor started this morning to secure the building so we could recover the fire engine and send it away for repair. The next step will be to clear the damaged area of the fire station so it can then be rebuilt.”

Maurice added: “I’d again like to reassure residents in Manea that the town is still covered by neighbouring fire crews and we will get a fire engine there in the quickest possible time.”

A detailed investigation is still underway to identify the cause of the damage.

One of the county's fire stations has temporarily closed after the brickwork around the fire engine bay gave way.

Manea Fire Station, situated on Westfield Road, is currently closed off as investigation work takes place to establish the details of how the building structure was compromised. Nobody was injured as a result of the incident.

Residents in the Fenland village have been advised that they will still be able to get a fire engine when they need it.

Chief Fire Officer Chris Strickland said: "I want to reassure the residents of Manea that they can still expect a fire engine to be with them in the fastest possible time in an emergency.

"The crew will be working with investigating officers and structural engineers during the coming days to ensure the station is safe and to find out what caused the building to collapse.”