Licensed premises engagement project set to enhance community safety over the festive period

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service is running an engagement project with licensed premises over the festive period and beyond, with visits to premises being undertaken by officers to ensure that safety remains paramount.

Head of Fire Safety Brennan Morgan said: “Christmas and New Year is a busy time for licensed premises across the county, so we’ll be working with businesses to ensure that employees and members of the public remain safe and protected at all times when visiting licensed premises.”

A checklist has been created to help premises review current measures, and assist licensed premises in verifying that the required safety documentation, procedures, and systems are all in place. The Service encourages audits like this to be carried out regularly to ensure compliance with the requirements of current legislation, so that any changes to the business are taken into account.

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Premises are encouraged to contact us on 01480 444 500 or visit our webpages for any queries or for more information.