Mick's 40 years brings family total to a century of service

A second-generation firefighter is celebrating 40 years of service.

Mick Housden followed in the footsteps of his late father Tony to become an on-call firefighter at St Neots Fire Station and last week (August 3), marked 40 years’ continual service.

Mick’s brother Mervyn has also given more than 30 years to firefighting in St Neots, bringing the family total to 100 years’ service.

A surprise presentation to Mick, 55, was held at the fire station by Chief Fire Officer Chris Strickland on Wednesday (August 3) and welcomed his friends and family, along with the crew.

Grandfather Mick, who recently retired from his job working for the local council, said: “I enjoy being a firefighter and have done since day one. There’s no special reason other than wanting to serve the community and enjoying what I do.

“I only live over the road to the fire station and it’s always been a part of my life. Although I have to say, as I get older and my grandson wears me out, having shouts in the early hours of the morning are not my favourite!”

Chief Fire Officer Chris Strickland presented Mick with a certificate and glass flame statue. He added: “The years of service Mick has given to Cambridgeshire is admirable and we commend him for his commitment and dedication to the community of St Neots. We must also thank his family and friends for continually supporting Mick throughout the years.”