Partnership with Rotary Club to fund smoke alarms

A generous Wisbech group is to fund smoke alarms for the town's most vulnerable residents as part of a partnership with the fire service.

Wisbech Rotary Club has teamed up with staff at Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service's Wisbech Fire Station for the scheme, which will see the fire service attempt to reach out to the most vulnerable people in the community in a bid to protect them from fire.

Group Commander Chris Parker, Head of Community Fire Safety at CFRS, explained: "This funding is hugely generous of the Wisbech Rotary Club and is a fantastic opportunity for us to work with a community group who has the same aim as us, which is to reach out and help those who are most vulnerable in the community.

"We have identified a number of vulnerable residents who we know we need to engage with and provide with fire safety advice and fit Rotary-funded smoke alarms for. Whilst our staff are engaging with the residents we can also look for further opportunities to help the individual including linking them up with other agencies and the Rotary Club for support."

Each smoke alarms costs about £6. The fire service will utilise the stock it has to fit alarms for vulnerable residents and this will then be replenished as and when needed by funding provided from the Rotary Club.

Daljit Roy, President of Wisbech Rotary Club, said: "Wisbech Rotary Club is trying to help vulnerable and needy people in our community and safety is one of the biggest things on our agenda.

"The project to work with the fire service will benefit not just the residents but also a number of organisations who are trying to reach out and improve the lives of those who are hardest to reach in our town. A smoke alarm is a simple yet life-saving piece of equipment and one that can easily make a big difference in helping to keep our residents safe.

"This is the first scheme of its kind here in Cambridgeshire, so Wisbech Rotary Club is trailblazing the way, and we really hope others will follow suit across the county and develop similar partnerships with their local fire stations."