Road traffic collision - St Ives - Huntingdonshire

Crews from Huntingdon and St Ives were called to a road traffic collision between two cars and a cyclist in Somersham Road.

Firefighters used specialist cutting equipment to extricate two females from a car that had gone off the road into a field.

Station Commander Martin Ockenden said the cyclist had a three inch lump over his eye after colliding with one of the cars so one of the on-call firefighters, who is also a paramedic, looked at him while crews extricated the females from the car.

“The car had driven off the road into a field into lots of brambles so we had to cut all the brambles out to make a path to the car. We then cut the roof off the car and opened up the side. One of the female casualties was able to get out herself wearing a neck brace, the other was put on a spinal board and carried out.”

The cyclist and the two female casualties were taken to hospital. The driver of the second car suffered minor chest injuries but was not taken to hospital.

SC Ockenden added: “The cyclist was wearing a helmet. If he hadn’t have been the injuries would have been a lot more severe, potentially fatal.”