Surprise rescue for firefighters

Firefighters sprung to an unexpected rescue after they were called to a fire on Friday afternoon.

Firefighters from Ely and March, along with a water carrier from Newmarket in Suffolk, were called to a well-developed fire in Wilburton at around 5pm on April 26. The fire involved a large amount of garden waste, tree stumps and tyres. But, while tackling the fire, they made a surprising discovery.

Crews came across a small fox cub who was injured in the area around the fire. They were able to get him to safety and care for him before he was picked up by a local fox rescue team.

Watch Commander Andy Powell said: “We were able to safely rescue the fox from the area around the fire. He was injured and was clearly hungry. When the local rescue team arrived they decided to call him Blaze, which was a fitting name. We understand he is doing well after being rescued.”

Although the fire was started accidentally, it got out of hand and resulted in crews being at the scene for a number of hours.

Station Commander Pete Jones added: “Fires in the open can present significant risks, not just to property and the surrounding area, but also to local wildlife. In this instance Blaze was lucky our crews found him when they did.

“There are simple tips to follow if you are planning on having a fire. Make sure to keep the pile small and manageable and never leave it unattended. Check the weather conditions before lighting and always keep a water supply nearby. It is important to build the fire well away from any building or outdoor structure.”

For more information about keeping fire safe, please visit the community safety section of the website.