Thatch fire – Great Gransden - Huntingdonshire

At 10.26pm on Tuesday (9) crews were called to a fire in the thatch of a property in West Street, Great Gransden.

The first crew to arrive quickly requested further fire engines and the Multistar aerial appliance. Around 55 firefighters, including crews from Cambridge, Sawtry, Gamlingay, Papworth, Huntingdon and St Neots, along with crews from Potton and Kempston from Bedfordshire.

The fire was in the roof and spread across the thatch. While some crews worked hard to cut away the thatch to try and stop it spreading, other crews entered the house and carried out a salvage operation to remove the owners' property from the house.

Crews remain at the scene dampening down the area.

Station Commander Scott Feveyear said: "Despite the tireless efforts of crews working through the night, the damage to the house is considerable. Crews made several attempts to cut away the thatch to make a fire break but the fire spread rapidly. The roof has collapsed into the first floor and the house is structurally unstable. Crews managed to recover a lot of property from inside the house to prevent it from being damaged too but the house has sadly been lost."

West Street remains closed due to the building being structurally unsafe. 

A couple had been in the house at the time of the fire. A neighbour alerted them to the thatch being on fire and they were able to get out safely. 

A fire investigation will take place as soon as it is safe to do so.