Water rescue - Grantchester Meadows - South Cambs

Crews from Cambridge were called to a water rescue on the River Cam at Grantchester Meadows after three people fell in the water.

Firefighters trained in water rescues entered the water in dry suit, tethered by lines, and pulled two casualties from the water. The third casualty climbed out of the river themselves.

All three adults were taken to hospital following the rescue and crews returned to their station by 5.38pm.

Station Commander Jamie Johnson, from Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, said water temperatures can quickly cause cramps and breathing difficulties. 

"In the event of someone falling in the water, our advise would be to avoid jumping in to try and attempt a rescue. Call 999 immediately with clear details of your location and send someone to the nearest road to flag down the emergency services when they arrive. If a life ring is not available throw in anything that could help them float."

Further safety advice can be found in the community safety section on our website.